book:: Life between buildings by using Public space

               I got a book call “Life between buildings using public space” by Jan Gehl. The book asked concern for the people who were to move about in the spaces between buildings, it helped me to undertanding for the subtle qualities, which throughout the history of human settlements, had been related to the meeting of people in public spaces. This book it quite useful for Architecture and Urban design student to be carefully treated.

             There are some chapters in this book might good for me to understanding and it can be adapting for my project for example in chapter 1 Three Types of Outdoor Activities. Most interesting for my it is on the chapter call “The senses and communication” because human senses is an important prerequisite for environmental graphic designing to understand the function of senses such as Seeing or Hearing and to understanding all other forms of direct communication and the human perception of spatial condition and dimensions.


~ by matayang on January 30, 2009.

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