project outlines


             Project  Brief

                 My project proposal it call “Multifunction of way finding and sinage for transportation” which is  about an environmental graphic design. I propose to adress the behavior of  the passengers and find out how my design communicate them and benifit the community by using a concept of way finding and space which can be defined in the behavior of passengers flow of  movement.

               What relevant qualifications?

               During my 5 year period as an Interior student, I have learned many techniques of design and solutions. I also did the thesis which was a way finding for transportation terminal in my last year of the graduate. After graduating I started work in an Interior company with as an interior designer, and I was engaged in a number of design projects for the hospitality industry in Thailand, there were many interior projects related to graphic design theory, such as retail shops and signage design.

               How dose your proposal relate to your existing study or work experience if applicable?

              my background and career goals both seem to  come together in my proposal project. In addition, my experience of working with design teams which include Architects, Graphic designers, Engineers, Project managers and Clients. Have all given me a wide vision and provided me with the ability to understand and self confident in my works and my own abilities.

              Who will be the audience for your completed MA work?

               Project for up the service and responsible with function of user for reducing the confusion of passenger and in term of signage is meant to help travelers find the departure times for their destination, or alternatively arrival times from a destination if they are meeting some one.

presentation slides





~ by matayang on January 8, 2009.

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  1. Good Job!! Nice and interesting presentation slides

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