testing:: comparing different widths of letter

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        I’ve been testing the fonts style in diferent widths of letters  for helping to finalize the choice of suitable size, this is Helvetica Neue 85 Heavy which is very poppular at the moment.

 I would like to experiment ,which size and which fonts style are worked for passengers to understand easily and accurately.

book:: Life between buildings by using Public space

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               I got a book call “Life between buildings using public space” by Jan Gehl. The book asked concern for the people who were to move about in the spaces between buildings, it helped me to undertanding for the subtle qualities, which throughout the history of human settlements, had been related to the meeting of people in public spaces. This book it quite useful for Architecture and Urban design student to be carefully treated.

             There are some chapters in this book might good for me to understanding and it can be adapting for my project for example in chapter 1 Three Types of Outdoor Activities. Most interesting for my it is on the chapter call “The senses and communication” because human senses is an important prerequisite for environmental graphic designing to understand the function of senses such as Seeing or Hearing and to understanding all other forms of direct communication and the human perception of spatial condition and dimensions.


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Live project : Day1 (Introduction)

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            The collaborative project to work with other 10 students in difference MA subjects, create  and deliver in two days a publication in any format (book, magazine, podcast, web blog, etc), on non fictional subject or area relating to students and student life at NTU. in context of life and culture outside NTU.

           in my group there are student from Fashion Maketing, Photography, Textile, Fashion Design. we have been talking about the idea of what we are going to do, and we got some point of views  from international students, how they feel when they arrived to Nottingham City and NTU.

project outlines

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             Project  Brief

                 My project proposal it call “Multifunction of way finding and sinage for transportation” which is  about an environmental graphic design. I propose to adress the behavior of  the passengers and find out how my design communicate them and benifit the community by using a concept of way finding and space which can be defined in the behavior of passengers flow of  movement.

               What relevant qualifications?

               During my 5 year period as an Interior student, I have learned many techniques of design and solutions. I also did the thesis which was a way finding for transportation terminal in my last year of the graduate. After graduating I started work in an Interior company with as an interior designer, and I was engaged in a number of design projects for the hospitality industry in Thailand, there were many interior projects related to graphic design theory, such as retail shops and signage design.

               How dose your proposal relate to your existing study or work experience if applicable?

              my background and career goals both seem to  come together in my proposal project. In addition, my experience of working with design teams which include Architects, Graphic designers, Engineers, Project managers and Clients. Have all given me a wide vision and provided me with the ability to understand and self confident in my works and my own abilities.

              Who will be the audience for your completed MA work?

               Project for up the service and responsible with function of user for reducing the confusion of passenger and in term of signage is meant to help travelers find the departure times for their destination, or alternatively arrival times from a destination if they are meeting some one.

presentation slides




start and introduction

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       Welcome to my Blog, this is my first step to do a blog for record of my MA Graphic Design journey, it will be including researchs, observations,  trip and tutorials. it might be a great way to share my ideas and my research which is going to do through this year and help me to look back  what I have been done at the end of course.

      My background come from Interior designing knowlegde which was 5 years in Uni and 2 years in professional practices.  graphic design is very interesting notion and challenge me to find out the way how to merge between my own backgound and graphic design context through out the design. these are the reason why I’ve chosen to study graphic design.

   these  pictures below are  some of my presentation slides about my backgound experiences.

(I do apologist if you miss understanding my English, I will revise and correct again as soon as possible) thank you 🙂 

Hello world!

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